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Deck Stain Services

Professional Deck Staining – Let the Experts Make Your Deck Stunning !

Decks are beautiful and offer a tremendous value for how much they cost, therefore; a well-maintained outdoor deck can last for decades. Decking is a popular addition to a yard or other outdoor area. Practical and attractive, it makes a great area for the family to spend time outdoors, or somewhere you can invite friends around for a get-together. Wooden decking always looks good, too. You might have it around a pool or pond, or next to a patio that is used in the evenings, and it’s also becoming commonplace where hot tub spas are fitted, as it is great for this purpose.

The following deck services might be included when refinishing a deck :

Deck-Staining Services Edmonton

Scraping & Preparation

To stain or paint your deck
we start by properly cleaning all the debris off the deck dirt, paint chips, flakes, and any other material that could eventually rotten the boards.

Power Washing A Deck

Power Washing

To ensure the deck is ready for staining or painting,
we will thoroughly power wash the entire deck

Edmonton Deck Sanding

Deck Sanding

Depending on the condition of the deck and its age, If its necessary, we will sand the deck that are raised or lose to create a smooth surface.

Deck Stained and Sealed


After all the steps have been completed thoroughly we apply the stain or paint of your choice to get a fresh looking deck.

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Deck Staining & Deck Painting Services

Professional Deck Staining – Let the Experts Make Your Deck Stunning !

How long has your deck been in place? Over time, decking that has not been correctly treated will be subject to natural damage from the weather, and this applies to the wind, rain, snow and even the sun. Wood is a natural material so is subject to wear and tear, and a professional deck refinishing contractors will prepare the surface of your decking correctly before it is painted or stained.

Why do you need to paint or stain your deck? 

The coat of staining or paint is there to help prolong the life of your deck for as long as is possible. It will also protect against the heavy footfall that is encountered by decking, and will help your decking look good for longer. Before applying the coats of staining or paint, we will scrape any loose material away, power-wash the surface, and also sand down any areas that we believe needs it, and only then will we set about applying the final finish to your soon to be beautiful deck.

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Beautify Your Deck

Deck Renovating Service

Deck Staining and Painting

A DIY decking project can be handled by most people who have the right tools and experience, but there’s one part of the job we recommend you leave to the experts: sanding and staining the deck. First, it’s a messy job and second, it is important that it is done correctly, using the right materials and with an appropriate finish. 

Long Lasting Wood Surfaces

At Alberta Deck Stain we offer first-class, professional deck staining services in and around the city, and we promise you’ll be very satisfied with out work and our rates.

Deck-Staining Services Edmonton


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